[ Photocatalyst Technology ]

Benefit of MaSSC Clean

This MaSSC mark represents that Fujico's unique thermal spray technology is applied on coating of photocatalyst and anti-bacteria metal made of hybrid highly disinfect material. MaSSC Clean is an air deodorant and bacteria elimination device built-in with MaSSC filters and ultra-violet light lamp and has high capability of deodorant and bacteria elimination.

What is Photocatalyst Technology?

Why using FUJICO Thermal Spray Technology?*

Method by application of binder

The conventional photocatalyst coating is that the photocatalyst is mixed with a solvent having binder effects. Therefore, the photocatalyst is buried in the binder and makes the intensity of photocatalyst reaction become less.

Method by application of thermal spray technology

Fujico has the edge on “thermal spray” technology. By taking advantage of this cutting edge technology, the surface of base material can be covered with high density photocatalyst and such significantly enhance the photocatalyst reaction.

Durable Effectiveness & Easy maintenance

Thanks to the chemical stability, Titanium Dioxide TiO2 has high performance on Photocatalyst reaction to reduce bacteria and smell in environment. It can be easily maintain by just cleaning the filter periodically.

*While MaSSC is effective in suppressing the action of airborne viruses, and in decomposing and eliminating airborne allergens such as dust mite feces and dead mite body parts. However, it cannot provide a completely sterile environment or guarantee the ability to prevent infection. Actual disinfecting and deodorizing effectiveness will vary according to the room conditions (Capacity of the room, shape, air conditioning, ventilation and product location, etc.) or the operation method.