[ BlueDeo Photocatalyst Air Purifier ]

Recognize from Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association on reducing allergic materials e.g. mold or pollen in the air which causes Atopy

Compact design

Compact design which can suit different household or office designs. E.g. Baby/Children’s bedroom, reading room, bedroom, office, pet room, nursing room.

[ Photocatalyst Technology ]

Benefit of MaSSC Clean

This MaSSC mark represents that Fujico's unique thermal spray technology is applied on coating of photocatalyst and anti-bacteria metal made of hybrid highly disinfect material. MaSSC Clean is an air deodorant and bacteria elimination device built-in with MaSSC filters and ultra-violet light lamp and has high capability of deodorant and bacteria elimination.

What is Photocatalyst Technology?

Why using FUJICO Thermal Spray Technology?*

Durable Effectiveness & Easy maintenance

Thanks to the chemical stability, Titanium Dioxide TiO2 has high performance on Photocatalyst reaction to reduce bacteria and smell in environment. It can be easily maintain by just cleaning & replacing*2 the filter periodically.

*While MaSSC is effective in suppressing the action of airborne viruses, and in decomposing and eliminating airborne allergens such as dust mite feces and dead mite body parts. However, it cannot provide a completely sterile environment or guarantee the ability to prevent infection. Actual disinfecting and deodorizing effectiveness will vary according to the room conditions (Capacity of the room, shape, air conditioning, ventilation and product location, etc.) or the operation method.

BlueDeo uses photocatalyst*1, remarkable disinfecting and deodorizing effect

Benefits compare to Air purifiers in market

Point 1 Source decomposition is more peace of mind

Filtering process for conventional air purifiers is to deactivate bacteria or virus which generate odor. By using Photocatalyst technology, BlueDeo breaks the cell membrane and decompose source of odor. (bacteria or virus will not remains on filter)

Point 2 Easy to clean

By decomposing source of organic substance on filter, BlueDeo is trouble free on replacing consumable e.g. Photocatalyst filter, water or other liquid etc.

Point 3 Compact design

With the compact design on fan and filter, BlueDeo can suit different households. Easy for transportation.

*1: Technology developed by Professor Bento Kenichi & Professor Akira Fujishima of Tokyo University
*2: Need & frequency for replacement on front filter depends on usage and environment. (Optional)

Remarkable disinfecting and deodorizing effect
(Remove 99.99%* floating bacteria

*Data from Kitasato Research Centre Test of Floating bacteria-virus (Staphylococcus aureus)

Tobacco smell

Pet odor


Airborne viruses

Allergens (Pollen, mites)

PM 2.5 particles

3-layer filter Remarkable disinfecting and deodorizing effect

# Illustrations are for reference only

High performance proven by empirical testing

Acetaldehyde deodorization test

This substance is a representative gas in the odor test and contains odors such as body odor and bad breath.

Testing Unit: Fujico Factory
Testing space: 1m3 sealed container
Experimental object: Acetaldehyde 2.5ppm (50 times above base figure)
Testing equipment: FIGARO TVOC detector FTVR-01

Allergic substance decomposition test

A source of allergens (Pollen, mites) is known as the main cause of sensitive symptoms.

Testing Unit: NichiNichi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Experimental object: by adjusting concentration of allergic materials (600ng/ml) on filter paper (50mm). Analyzing source of allergic materials (4ml solution) by ELISA method

Influenza virus inactivation test on filter paper (virus reduction test attached to the filter paper)

Testing Unit: Research Center of Environmental Sciences
Experimental object: Influenza Virus (Type A)
Testing method: Refer to the test procedure of "Anti-viral test method for fine ceramic-photocatalyst material - using phage body QB method“
Viral quantification: determination of infection values by plaque method

Note: The white part of the photo is a virus-infected cell (Plaque). None of the above tests show the empirical results obtained from the actual space used.

Model MC-S101
Product name Photocatalyst Air Purifier
Power supply (AC adaptor) AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)
Applicable area Children bedroom, reading room, bedroom (Area Approx 14m2)
Dimensions: W x D x H (mm) 187 x 129 x 268
Weight Approx 1.4kg (Excluded AC Adaptor)
Operation mode Low Mid High
Airflow (m3/min) 0.13 0.24 0.4
Power (W) 8.5 9 12
Sound level (db) 22 28 40
Accessories in carton box AC Adaptor MC-VIIAD01 / Power cord length 1.5m
Color White
Country of Origin Japan
Suggested selling price HK$1,880